Please Be Seated! 3 Beautiful Sit-Down Wedding Photos We’re Swooning Over

We’re all familiar with traditional wedding photos where the couple’s standing and posing. In 2022, however, sit-down wedding photos have become the hottest trend.

Your wedding album should ideally include a range of different poses, including a handful of sit-down shots. But wait, how can you even pose sitting down?

If you’re having trouble envisioning this shot, we’ll take the reins! Please be seated; it’s time to give you a glimpse of our favorite sit-down wedding photos.

1. The Grungy Set-Up

a couple sitting and posing on a couch

We love conventionally appealing backgrounds. However, this new trend has us hooked. This couple has combined the grunge wedding aesthetic with the sit-down trend, and the outcome is nothing short of spectacular.

We love the fancy couch sitting in a dark, neglected space. Is it a warehouse? A garage? We don’t know, nor do we care, because the focus is entirely on the couple.

Sit-down shots are great because the bride gets to show off her dress. The ruffles, tulle, and lace can be neatly arranged to take up a ton of space and steal the show.

In this photo, the bride’s dress does just that. It also stands out against the dark background, making it a breath of fresh air. This shot is casual. The bride has her hand around the groom’s shoulder, which adds a refreshing touch of informality to the photo. We love this shot!

2. The Inside Joke

a couple sitting on a couch

This photo captures a moment you will want to go back to. It’s beautiful, to say the least. Without knowing much about the couple, we can tell they share an inside joke.

This sit-down shot is easily one of our favorites. We also love the floral touches. There are delicate flowers in the bride’s hair, on the groom’s lapel, and in the background. The sweetness of the love they share is subtle and beautiful.

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3. The Dreamy Future

a couple posing on a vintage couch on the beach

This couple is planning their future in front of our very eyes! This shot tells a story. The vintage sofa and stretch of sea in front of the couple make one thing very clear: they’re envisioning their life together.

This photo is full of promise, hope, and bliss. It’s easily one of our favorites, but it can be a little tricky to recreate. We recommend hiring a team of experienced wedding photographers and videographers who can work their camera magic. At TLIC, we’ll bring your dreams to life!

Our team captures weddings across Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Using our artistic vision, we create visually stunning set-ups that align with the couple’s style, taste, and vision.

Don’t miss your chance to work with our team! Explore our wedding photography and videography packages to get started.

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