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Teaser Film

Packed into less the 1 minute is all the fun, sweet, romantic, love that you two share with each other. This film ends up being the emotional showcase of your wedding. Short and sweet but impactful.

Highlight Film

This is where your personalities shine like gold. A TLIC highlight film is a cinematic approach to a documentary love story between you and your spouse. Your vows, speeches, and cute comments will make a guest appearance along with the stunning visuals we capture. With your favorite song or genre playing in the background, this film is sure to make work lunch breaks so much more romantic. 

Full Feature Film

The Full Feature Film is a TLIC signature. We fully edit your wedding day from start to finish.  You will enjoy every detail from getting ready to the send off with your favorite music playing along with organic audio from your wedding day. Your most vital events will be played out in full from multiple angles with crystal clear audio. You will never forget your vows, speeches, and other important moments with this film. 

Your Wedding! Your Style!

We get to know you from Adam so your wedding films are fantastically tailored to you and your love story! Check the three different approaches our couples love for their wedding videos. Each video features 3 couples wedding stories so you can see how the style can apply to more than one couple. 


For the couples who’s love is sweet and tender. A sentimental film starts off with a beautiful display of your love for each other and usually incorporates some tear jerking audio such as your vows or speeches.              

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The Build

This is for the couples who love the tender moments but also like to party! The film will start of with a romantic song or instrumental and will build up to the ceremony. After you say We Do, the music and energy of the film turns up! 

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For the couple that is full of joy and energy. The upbeat film starts off happily celebrating your love.  The energy continues through getting ready and the ceremony. Dashes of sentiment are sprinkled throughout but it’s primarily fun! 

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A Natural, Light, Vivid, and Refreshing Way To Remember Your Wedding Day!

Having joy on our face is not something weird to come by. We think it might be the reason we love to take such bright and cheery photos! There is something about a natural yet bright wedding photo that makes you smile. Take a look through a small collection of our wedding photos throughout a typical wedding day! 

Never Forget All The Details!

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