Pro Tips for Capturing Stunning Indoor Wedding Photos

With wedding season in full swing, couples are finally kick-starting their plans! As you get ready to walk down the aisle or watch your partner approach you on your big day, make sure you preserve the beautiful memories forever.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through three pro tips for capturing beautiful indoor wedding photos. And no, you won’t miss out on anything by making the switch from outdoor to indoor photography. Let’s dive into it!

1. Get the Lighting Just Right

a beautiful couple enjoying their wedding dance
a beautiful couple enjoying their wedding dance

If you want your wedding photos to stand out, make sure the lighting is just right on your big day! Choose an indoor space that features tall, wide windows. As you dance with your partner in a beautiful hall that’s surrounded by factory-style windows, the natural light will envelop you in a warm embrace. The outcome? Your wedding photos will be well-lit, vibrant, eye-catching, and simply gorgeous.

While artificial lighting is important, it’s not enough. In comparison, natural light photographs a lot better. It makes interior spaces look significantly more aesthetically appealing, well-lit, and beautiful. If you’re struggling to invite natural light into your space, make sure your team installs a pair of warm, adjustable bulbs. They should emanate a beautiful glow that makes your wedding photos that more beautiful.

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2. Accessorize Like a Pro

It’s easier to accessorize interior spaces than exterior spaces. There, we said it. If your wedding will occur indoors in its entirety, it should feature the perfect balance of colors, textures, patterns, accessories, and décor.

Take your time. Study the space and understand which elements work best. As you do this, you’ll manage to find aesthetically appealing fixtures, furnishings, lights, and accessorize for your room.

Needless to say, the photographs will turn out beautiful. While you may shy away from accessories at first, they’ll be a great addition to your big day. Retain minaimalism while wearing your favorite accessories with your dream dress!

3. Introduce a Luxe Red Carpet to the Scene

a gorgeous couple posing on carpeted red stairs
a gorgeous couple posing on carpeted red stairs

Indoor weddings can easily look so much more beautiful than outdoor weddings. How? Well, you can use a wide range of props and elements to breathe new life into the day. A luxe, grand, and eye-catching red carpet is a must. We recommend spreading it across a gorgeous staircase and posing for pictures with your partner. As your photographer captures the happy couple posing on the carpet, the final photos will take your breath away.

Feel free to introduce more elements to the scene. However, keep moderation in mind. A red carpet is as fancy as it getsor else the photos may look overwhelming. Feel free to add minimalist aspects to the scene for an added touch of serenity and sophistication.

You can also recreate Cinderella’s classic glass slipper moment by leaving a beautiful glass slipper along the stairway. It’ll photograph beautifully and add a touch of fairytale magic to your big day!

Professional indoor wedding photography and videography can take your big day to a whole different level. Instead of recruiting a family member or friend, consult a team of pros. This is a great way to gain more control. If you live in Maryland, DC, or Virginia, we can help you get started!

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We specialize in professional wedding photography and videography. Our team is committed to capturing the essence of your wedding. Over the years, we’ve photographed dozens of indoor weddings. By preserving the most beautiful moments and transforming them into frame-worthy shots through a meticulous editing process, we ensure that the final set of pictures takes your breath away.

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