Trevor and Shelby's RAW Footage Only


RAW footage will be delivered through Google drive in a sorted and organized folder by event. i.e. Guys getting ready, first look, speeches, audio, etc.

This package includes 10 hours of coverage by two videographers and a teaser film. 


Raw Footage ONLY provides you with the RAW, unedited footage of every special moment from your wedding day, captured by TLIC!

  • 4 x High-End 4k Cinema Cameras
  • High-End 4k Cinema Drone
  • 3 x High-End Audio Recorders
  • 10 hours of coverage
  • 2 Certified Wedding Videographers
  • Teaser Film
All TLIC Video packages include:
  • All Raw Footage and Audio
  • Timeline Review
  • Personal Blog Article
    • Includes your Love Story
  • Rapid 40-day Turnaround on all media
  • Lifetime Storage of all Footage and Films
    • No need to worry! Your footage is safe with us!

Trevor and Shelby's RAW Footage Only

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