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Select The Type Of Send-Off You Want.

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Select Your Dream Honeymoon Destination.

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Select What You Look Forward To Most.

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Select Your Favorite Wedding Tradition.

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Select Your Favorite Grooms Outfit.

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Select Your Favorite Flower.

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Select The Perfect Day With Your Fiance.

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Select The Decor That You Like The Most.

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Select Your Ideal Wedding Food.

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Select The Dessert That You Want At Your Wedding.

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Select Your Favorite Dress.

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Select You Dream Ceremony Location.

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Wedding Style Quiz
Outdoorsy should probably be your new last name! You both thrive most when you are able to get grounded outside or spend the day with each other adventuring. You probably have pets at home, a gorgeous garden to tend too, or a favorite sport that keeps you level headed and happy in the world. When you're planning your wedding keep these things in mind: -Simple is beautiful -Stick with colors naturally found outside -Make sure you have a backup plan for bad weather. Some ideas: personalized umbrellas or sunshades, blankets, flip flops, or heaters -Find a wedding photographer/videographer that will capture your love naturally.
You both are hard working with a full life of activities both independently and together. You love the busyness and are very good at managing your time and resources. For you modern is your sweet spot and knowing the trendiest place is what you are good at. You love spending time exploring and finding those hidden gems. Some helpful tips for planning your wedding: -When looking for your venue try some places that don't typically host weddings, like restaurants or warehouses. -Make sure whatever planner you hire knows and understands your unique style. Make sure their work reflects what you would hope to see at your wedding. -Consider carrying something other than flowers, like a lantern or a metal hoop.
Family is important to you. Tradition passed down from generation to generation makes you excited. You might have already thought about how to use heirlooms in your wedding. You see the wedding ceremony as a very important time in your relationship. You value the coming together of families and are excited to be a part of your fiance's. You believe that marriage is forever and look forward to your commitment. Here are some helpful tips for planning your traditional wedding: -Book your venue first thing. And make sure you are thoroughly aware of what you're allowed to do and when you can get access to the space at your ceremony location. -Timelines are going to be a lifesaver for you. Make sure you get one done as early as you can to keep everyone on the same page. Your planner will be very helpful with that. -Consider colors in blush, white and cream, for flowers go with garden roses and peonies. -Find a wedding photographer/videographer that will capture both your love and the families coming together.
Craftsy / DIY
You are the master of your creative vision and love seeing your ideas come to life. You believe everything is figureoutable and absolutely KNOW you can do ic better and cheaper. Well done you two! As you're planning and delegating what you don't want creative control over remember that when it comes down to making design decisions follow these rules: -The simpler the better -Play into your (and your friends) strengths -Pick your basics: colors, venue, and dress. Build everything else off those things you LOVE
Disney romance has nothing on your relationship! You love the idea of surprises. You both love snuggling on rainy days and being together 24/7. Your ring is exactly what you always dreamed it would be. Small romantic gestures mean a lot to you. Your relationship will stand the test of time as you both continue to date each other long after your wedding day. Some helpful tips for you: -Focus on creating a welcoming and warm environment for your wedding day. Keep it meaningful and personal. Use colors like rose, cream with a touch of a deep gem color. -Go for the comfort food. The decadent cake and rich meats are where it's at. -Find a way you can add a touch of luxury. Like in a unique getaway car or over the top flower chandelier above your dance-floor. -Find a wedding photographer/videographer that will capture your love romantically.
You two like to keep it simple and enjoy the little things. Over the top and to much attention make you uncomfortable. You would rather have your closest friends and items you value surround you on your big day. Each little decision is full of meaning and significance for you, and valuing people is something you do well. Some things to keep in mind when you're planning: -Find your most meaningful moments or memories and build your wedding around those experiences -Pay special attention to your guest experience, think of some ways you can make them feel valued. -Focus on the most meaningful parts of your wedding and spend more money on those. If the dress is super important, or you absolutely want to have a live band make sure those things happen. -Find a wedding photographer/videographer that will capture your wedding without making you feel uncomfortable.

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