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What Brought These Two Together

Our lives are created and shaped by the roads we follow and the choices we make. While COVID-19 paused many different things in our world, the one thing it couldn’t stop was Samantha and Tate’s love story beginning. They say that when true love is meant to be and two people are perfect for each other, nothing can stand in the way of love. This is exactly what happened to this adorable couple.

Samantha and Tate both found themselves at a time in their lives where they were ready to find someone special to build a forever with. Although COVID-19 did cause a bit of a roadblock when it came to socializing and meeting new people, this led to joining the dating world…online. Samantha and Tate decided to try their luck on Bumble, the popular dating app, where the women must begin the conversations. On one fateful day, Samantha and Tate were introduced to each other’s profiles and, feeling a bit of magic, both swiped right. It was a match!

Because of the social distancing restrictions, they spent a couple of months talking and getting to know each other before meeting face to face. It was through these conversations that they formed a solid connection and realized just how much they had in common. Once they finally met in person, the sparks flew, and from that moment on they have spent almost every weekend together.

When we asked Samantha and Tate how they knew marriage was the next chapter in their love story, they explained that they are both ready to signify a life-long commitment to each other. Samantha shared, “We have such a strong dynamic with similar goals, great communication, non-stop laughter, a desire to grow together, and an equal love for one another.

In their free time, Samantha and Tate enjoy laughing, watching movies, and playing board games together. They also love adventurous hikes, going on walks, ordering takeout, and cooking together in the kitchen.

Samantha and Tate’s strong and loving relationship is built on their shared spiritual, family, and personal values.

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The WEdding Venue

Springfield Manor Winery

 is a winery wedding venue located in Thurmont, Maryland. A romantic and picturesque setting, there is a great deal to appreciate here – from the lavender fields to the sumptuous interiors. Situated among 130 acres, it is a terrific place for the wedding of your dreams!
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