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Shadow Creek

In the land of Purcellville, Virginia, there is this beautiful place named Shadow Creek. It is best for hosting your big events. Here you get enough space for both your indoor and outdoor events. This beautiful location is the best place to celebrate, whether it is the raining or the sun shining bright in the sky. The beautiful, pleasant gardens include rolling hills and pasture land full of happy horses. Your visitors will be swept away by such a serene atmosphere on your wedding day.


We can say that Shadow creek is certainly an urban wedding barn located in North Virginia. It is located in the middle of Loudoun and wine country. Shadow creek rests on a land of 200 acres which is all filled up with magnificent rolling green meadows. This wedding venue can very easily and comfortably accommodate around 300 guests. The stunning barn space available here and the outdoor space is all set up for the charming ceremonies of yours. The broad barn room of the venue is spacious and airy, with its entire raised and exposed beam ceiling and many windows.

There is a huge enclosed patio that can be used as a space for conducting any wedding ceremony on a shady day. This place is adjacent to the barn and is very much pleasing to the eyes. You will be amazed to know that this venue also includes two private dressing suites to make sure that your wedding goes seamlessly. You will be left with an amazing and comfortable experience on your big day.

Services are very important whenever it comes to hiring a wedding venue. Luckily, Shadow Creek already understood this and hence has come up with the best services for its clients. There are endless services that are included in their list. Some of them are bridal suite, event rentals, catering kitchen, lighting/sound, outside vendors, pet-friendly, wireless internet, setup, cleanup, parking, and wheelchair access. Also, the guests at Shadow Creek will be provided with the best list of vendors that can help you with deciding the menu for your wedding.

The positives

One cannot certainly be enough with praising this location. You will be surprised by its amazing venue and its surroundings. This place has enough space for you to be able to host all your ceremonies in different locations. Almost 250-300 guests can be accommodated easily here and I must say that there is going to be a lot of praises coming your way from the guests. It is wonderful to see how the staff at Shadow Creek is putting in so much effort to make sure that the wedding goes in the best way possible. You can now very easily get things sorted out with the help of experts.

The staff here is amazing and responsive to all your queries. Now moving on to the best thing that I loved is Gus, the horse at Shadow Creek. It is worth playing with him. After the booking is done, I got very access to the venue and I could check out everything properly. You now need not worry about sharing your day with other parties. Also, one more thing that you will love is that now you get a chance to make the wedding more entertaining for the people. There are plenty of games available here, that you can enjoy with your guests. Some of them, are horseshoes, cornhole, croquet, etc.

When it is about catering, we got a list from the staff that has all the vendors listed in it. We chose the best one that met our requirements. Other than this, as far as alcohol is concerned, the policy of Shadow Creek is consistent with respect to whatever your caterer’s policy is. If your caterer is going to give you thumbs up to bring your alcohol, then in that case you can go ahead!

In short, I would say that Shadow Creek is the best because of the following:

  • The serene views that this place has to offer you are the most beautiful ones.
  • You will be glad to know that the staff working here is amazing and are every time ready to hear your query.
  • It can very easily accommodate up to 300 guests, which is certainly a huge number.
  • When it comes to the services, we can say that Shadow Creek provides endless variety f services to its clients.

A review of a bride is given below.

Olivia Cox married on 11/10/2019

Stunning Venue

When I first toured Shadow Creek I got chills. Each subsequent visit gave me chills like it was my first time visiting. It is perfectly county and perfectly sophisticated at the same time. Lori and Jenna were so incredibly helpful throughout the entire planning process. I also hired all my other vendors from their preferred vendor list and each and every one of them was incredible. 10/10 would book this venue again.

The Negatives

To date, there is nothing negative that I found about Shadow Creek on the internet. Well, yes this place has been loved by many people in such a short time. You can now without thinking twice, book the Shadow Creek for your wedding ceremonies.

Do we recommend it?

Now you can certainly enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful wedding celebration with the help of Shadow Creek. This place is beautiful and TLIC recommends it to you for sure. You have already witnessed that this wedding venue has the most stunning views being readied up for you. All that you need to do is book it as soon as possible for your big day.

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