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What Brought These Two Together

What brought you two together?

We met when Trev was working for the Atlanta Falcons and Shelby was working for the Florida Gators. Shelby was in Atlanta with Florida football for the 2018 Peach Bowl game. The night before the game, Shelby met up with some friends from Florida, who worked for the Falcons, at a Gator bar. The same friends convinced Trevor to join them, but didn’t tell him it was a bar for Florida fans (Trev strongly dislikes the Gators!). Shelby was immediately interested in Trev, but, at the time, there was someone else in his life, so Shelby waited patiently. Later that next summer (2019), once Shelby knew Trev was single, she slid into his DM’s complimenting a video he did for the Falcons…the rest, as they say, is history

Why did you decide to get married?

We had both been in previous relationships, so when we started dating we knew this one felt different. This one was special. We compliment and support each other extremely well — whether it’s been long distance for over a year, living together through a pandemic, or purchasing our first home, we’ve survived and thrived off of each other no matter what life has thrown at us. So, we knew this was the next step in our future together.

What are your top 5 things to do together:


-Sporting Events – We both love baseball so this time of year you can find us at Camden Yards or wherever the NY Mets are playing!

-Mini Golf! We like to think of ourselves as mini-golf connoisseurs! 😛 We are both very competitive and love a good round of putt-putt

-Games! Board games, Mario Kart, ping pong, Uno, etc!

-Movies & Shows! We love to binge-watch tv shows or true crime podcasts.

What are 3 values that you two share? 

Family – We both share a love for family that is unconditional. Our families support and love us, and they mean the absolute world to both of us.

Relationships – Keeping strong relationships with good friends is something we value strongly. Keeping up with their daily lives and always being there for them, through highs and lows, is a top priority for us.

Positivity – Staying positive no matter what life throws at us is something we also strive for daily. Life has many obstacles on a daily basis, and keeping a positive mindset, while supporting one another, keeps our relationship strong and healthy.

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The WEdding Venue

Stone Ridge Hollow

At Stone Ridge Hollow, you get more than just a wedding venue.  With its unique rustic charm and beautiful dual ponds, you are getting a picture perfect setting to create long lasting memories. 
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