Taryn & Nick

Taryn & Nick

From long-distance intimacy to the marriage adventure beginning.

A Baltimore Wedding videographers Look Into Their Love Story

About their Wedding

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What Brought These Two Together

First dates that go off without a dose of awkward are a rare thing to find. When you combine that with an empty restaurant on a hot August day you run the risk of something way beyond awkward. This wasn’t the case though for Taryn and Nick. Nick at the time was in Rocky Gap, Taryn in Frederick. They decided to try out meeting each other at a restaurant in Hagerstown for lunch since it was a good halfway point.  Taryn was so nervous that she did not even order food. The quiet, potentially horrific first date actually turned out in the words of Taryn “to be pretty damn good.” In fact, it was good enough that they embarked on a long-distance relationship that took commitment at every early turn. They would drive over two hours for hour-long dates for the first several months. With long periods of time between each date, it was hard to pick up any momentum. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then we were unbelievably fond.

Before they met, they were both independent and working hard to get to the next chapter in their lives—unsure just what that would be. The inkling that the next chapter was beginning started when they started to realize, with their relationship, just how different this might be.

When I asked Taryn why she wanted to get married to Nick she said, “For love! We are excited to share our lives together and start a family!” Simply put, well stated!

Nick and Taryn love to do anything outdoors. They are both into archery and hunting. They love baseball, Taryn the Orioles, Nick the Pirates. They both obsess over their rescue dog Ryder, who brings so much fun to their lives and they love snuggling up to their favorite Netflix shows! 

Love, honest, and responsibility are some of the values that define their relationship. 

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