The Forest Wedding Photography Style: Why Is It So Popular?

As one of the most popular wedding photography trends of the year, the forest-themed photography style has been heavily requested this year. We don’t see the demand for this specific style slowing down any time soon!

Forest wedding photography refers to wedding photos taken in a forest or the woodlands. These pictures carry a touch of rusticity that’s immensely appealing, enchanting, and visually exciting.

We’ve been narrowing down our top picks, and the lineup is ready! In this blog, we’ll help you understand this style better by walking you through three of our favorite forest wedding photos. Let’s dive into it!

1. Lost in the Maze (and Each Other’s Eyes)

a couple posing in the woods

Cue Lost by Frank Ocean. Sweet, romantic, and somewhat majestic, this picture paints a beautiful story. We cannot help but equate it with a fairytale!

The backdrop creates so much more depth and interest. You cannot capture good wedding photos without focusing on the lighting. This particular photo has excellent lighting because it was taken during the day.

The photographer has also set up a soft, dispersed lighting source to ensure sufficient illumination. This is necessary! Forests are generally very dark because of the tall trees and thick canopy. Once you perfect the lighting, you’re good to go. The outcome will be stunning, as we can see here!

2. Beautiful Contrast

 a couple walking in a forest

Forest photos are so popular because they almost always carry a natural B&W touch. The ground and surrounding shrubbery are both deep and dark in this photo. The bride and groom’s white attire stands out against the background, making the photo look more compelling.

We’re drawn to the couple. As we fixate on them, we can’t help but envision them walking into their forever with no end in sight. This one packs the wow factor!

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3. The Heavenly Shot

a couple posing in a forest

As one of our favorite forest-themed wedding photos, this picture is in a league of its own. The soft illumination pouring in between the canopy makes this shot incredibly stunning. This photo is majestic, magical, and breathtakingly beautiful!

If you want to recreate it, select a forest that has sparse canopy. The sunlight should shine through the gaps like it is in this particular shot.

You don’t need extra lighting for this. However, it’s possible that the canopy is too thick, and there’s very little light shining through. In this case, change your location or take the help of extra lighting. You’ll love the final outcome!

Want to recreate one of these stunning photos? We’ve got you covered! At TLIC, we capture beautiful, unique, and memorable wedding photos across Maryland, DC, and Virginia. These areas offer beautiful options to recreate forest-themed wedding photos. Try some of these out with an engagement session! This is a great way to practice the photos before your big day.

Our wedding photographers and videographers beautifully breathe life into each couple’s unique vision. Click here to explore our portfolio. Once you’re ready, start your TLIC journey!

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