TLIC Great Debate: DJ or Band

TLIC Great Debate: DJ or Band

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The Beat that gets the feet On the dance Floor?

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Dinner has been cleared and the emotions of the speeches have filled the air – what’s next on the wedding timeline? The moment you have been waiting for – time to boogie your heart out on the dance floor!

It’s time to plan your reception vibe and you are at the fork in the road – DJ or band? There is a whole list of positives and negatives that come with choosing a DJ or live band to set the mood for your special celebration. One of the most crucial components of the reception is the music, which has the power to make or ruin your experience. Your main goal should be to select a musician whose performance you can rely on to play songs that you and your guests will appreciate and keep the energy going. This musician should excite your guests and get everyone in the mood to dance, from the flower girl to your grandparents. 

How do you decide? No need to panic; having attend over 250 weddings, the TLIC team has compiled their top tips for selecting the best vendor for your reception host and music playlist. 

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What's the mood?

Tip #1: Talk with your fiancé and zone into what type of  reception atmosphere you want to create.

A live band can have a vintage, conventional, or even traditional vibe. Since they are performing rather than just playing music that other artists have recorded, they may also leave a stronger impression on your guests. A DJ is more contemporary and might draw in the younger guests. Since DJs play pre-recorded music, you kind of know. et with them. DJs put on a terrific show and are also performers. You can better comprehend what might work for the atmosphere by analyzing the location and the specifics and matching the vibe to it. 

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Who's In The Crowd?

Tip #2: Think of your guest list and what tunes will get your friends and family on the dance floor.

Even though it is your special day, it’s important to create an amazing atmosphere that makes your loved ones feel happy and comfortable. When debating between a DJ or live band, think about which  choice would be more popular with your guests. On one hand, a DJ can be more popular if you have certain songs in mind that your friends or family might love to hear, which might be difficult for your band to play (depending on their song list). The choice is ultimately up to you, however thinking about who’s on your dance floor is very helpful. Whichever choice you go with, there must to be a wide range of music played by the DJ or live band.

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Consider the Price

Tip #3: Think about which option fits your ideal budget

A DJ is can be less expensive to hire than a full band. They might even offer special add-ons such as a dancing floor (if your venue doesn’t have one), smoke machines, and even special, fun lighting. A band usually costs more since there are more members, logistics (traveling), and equipment to think about. These factors can cause the rates to vary. However, when going with a DJ, you should always be careful with your selection. Make sure the person running your dance floor has a positive , friendly demeanor as they will be the only one providing entertainment.

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Think About Your Floor Plan

Tip #4: How big is the dance floor at your venue?

One alternative can be a better fit than the other depending on your venue. A DJ could be more practical, for instance, if space is at a premium. A band, however, would be a better choice if you have more space to occupy, possibly even for a stage. Furthermore, it’s crucial to think about the acoustics of the area and what can sound better. Also, be sure to check with your venue or wedding planner to ask about any guidelines or limits that may apply to certain places.

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What's On Your Playlist?

Tip #5: Think about what songs you would like to be played and if your entertainment can handle all of your music requests

If you are dreaming of a playlist with a lot of flexibility and variety, a DJ may be the best choice for you. With this option you can give your DJ a list of tracks that they can quickly prepare and play if you’d like additional alternatives or maybe even offer your guests the option of giving song requests. This is because they have access to a library of thousands of songs. 

On the other hand, bands can’t necessarily offer this variety because they are only familiar with the music on their song list. However, bands do provide a different energy to your reception, providing more visual entertainment and a different interaction with your guests. 

Side Note: Think about whether listening to live music or the music of the original artist is more important to you. If you go the band route, always be sure to check out the entertainment by attending one of their shows or concerts in-person.

While the decision can seem intimidating, no matter which entertainment you choose for your big day as long as there is music in the air, your guests will be on their feet dancing the night away! 

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