Wedding Trend: Golden Hour Photos

Wedding Trend: Golden Hour Photos

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Why Every Wedding Album Needs Golden Hour Photos

Sunsets are so romantic. Watching Mother Nature’s sorbet colors fill the sky creates such a breathtaking atmosphere. On a special day when love is in the air, sunsets create the perfect background for your wedding photos. 


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What is golden hour?

Golden Hour refers to the hour before sunset when the colors and golden hues are just beginning to fill the sky. Narrowing down the exact time within your timeline can depend on both your venue’s geographical location and your photographer’s preferences. For example, the timing of golden hour will be sooner in places with hills and building structures

So why are these photos in such high demand? 

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Why is it so magical?

The most enchanting and romantic lighting for portraits is during golden hour. The way the sun lowers into the sky makes this different from any other time of the day.

The sun is overhead earlier in the day, casting a strong light and shadow. It becomes challenging to identify and produce softer pictures as a result. Saving your gorgeous couple portraits until golden hour is your best opportunity to capture these romantic moments. 

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Soak in the magic of your wedding day

In the evening during your reception, things can become very busy for you and your spouse. All of your guests want a moment to share their well-wishes with you two. You are caught up in a whirlwind of excitement and it may at times feel that ever since the moment of exchanging your vows you two have yet to have a moment alone. 

Do you feel like taking a short vacation from the wedding craziness? Then use the moments of your Golden Hour portraits as a way to sneak off together, share in these intimate moments together, and soak in all the love and romance of your special day…just the two of you. 

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Are you dreaming of the Golden Hour photos that will complete your wedding gallery? When speaking with your photographer and videographer about your must-have shots, be sure to mention some romantic couple portraits during Golden Hour! 

Need more sunset inspo?

Click above to relive this epic sunset moment from Hailey & Cameron’s film!

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