Valerie & Mark

A day-long gaming sesh turned to lifelong partnership.

An Ashburn Wedding videographers Look Into Their Love Story

About their Wedding

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What Brought These Two Together

Growing up I often heard my family and elders say that video games were good for nothing. I think in the case of Valerie and Mark this couldn’t be further from the truth! The first time they met was at a LAN party through mutual friends. (a party where multiple people are able to play the same video game together). They hit it off by finding out that we were both staunch PS4 supporters and thought the PC Master Race was lame. They shared a mutual interest in the same gaming franchises. Even though they failed to get each other’s contact info, the story didn’t end there. After a few weeks, Valerie asked one of her friends for Mark’s contact information. She contacted him through social media to see if they could hang out. As it turned out, he was back to serving a tour in Baghdad and she happened to met him when he was on his rest and recovery leave. They talked with each other via social media from July to November 2016 with only one other in-person visit during that time. When he returned to the United States for good, they began hanging out more in person and made their dating life official in January 2017.

After three years and six months of dating, they decided that there would never be another person out there that could compare to each other. They decided it was time to move forward with a marriage. They have moved in together, gone on vacations together, and gotten a fur child – Summer, their German Shepherd Dog.

Because of their spark, they love playing video games together. You could also catch this dynamic duo at an ice hockey game, visiting a new winery or brewery, playing with Summer, traveling to new places, and even snuggling up on the couch to watch their favorite superhero movies. 

Above anything Mark and Valerie value loyalty, honesty, and being able to rely upon one another.  

We at TLIC Media are so happy to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Gucwa

The Wedding Venue

Clyde’s at Willow Creek Farm 

will put more here after your wedding!

The Wedding Videography Team


The Wedding Video That Says It All

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