Clean, Crisp, Cool,

you're a couple that loves to keep it Simple!

You two like to keep it simple and enjoy the little things. Over the top and to much attention make you uncomfortable. You would rather have your closest friends and items you value surround you on your big day. Each little decision is full of meaning and significance for you, and valuing people is something you do well.

You favor bright open spaces and love the idea of contrast. You may have considered eloping at one point. 

When you plan your wedding keep these things in mind:

  • Simple is beautiful
  • Find your most meaningful moments or memories and build your wedding around those experiences
  • Stick with clean colors. Black, White, & Gold is always classy.
  • Pay special attention to your guest experience, think of some ways you can make them feel valued.
  • Focus on the most meaningful parts of your wedding and spend more money on those. If the dress is super important, or you absolutely want to have a live band make sure those things happen.
  • Find a photographer & videographer that will capture your wedding without making you feel uncomfortable

Choose your next step!

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