Love at first sight?! More like love at every time I see you.

you're a couple that loves to be romantic!

Disney romance has nothing on your relationship! You love the idea of surprises. You both love snuggling on rainy days and being together 24/7. Your ring is exactly what you always dreamed it would be. Small romantic gestures mean a lot to you.

When you plan your wedding keep these things in mind:

  • focus on creating a welcoming and warm environment for your wedding day. Keep it meaningful and personal
  • Use colors like rose, cream, and a touch of deep gem color.
  • Find a way you can add a touch of luxury. 
    • Something like a unique getaway car or an over the top flower chandelier above the dance floor. 
  • Find a photographer & videographer that will help you get the most romantic footage. 

Choose your next step!

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