Distressed not stressed,

you're a couple that loves making old things new!

You see the value in the people that are close to you. That’s why your barn or outdoor wedding will be packed with all of your favorite people. You like the idea of having a doughnut wall, old victorian couches, oak barrels, and fun traditions. 

You may not be the most crafty person ever but that’s not going to stop you from trying to make that wood burned welcome sign. 

When you plan your wedding keep these things in mind:

  • Facebook marketplace/ craigslist is your best friend
  • Stick with naturally found colors 
  • Get a back-up plan for bad weather
    • Personalized umbrellas, blankets, flip flops, or heaters can be your guests saving grace
  • Thistles are a great addition to make your bouquet and venue more rustic. 

Choose your next step!

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