Wedding Trend: The Last Dance

Wedding Trend: The Last Dance

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Save the last dance...for you two

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The sight of witnessing a newlywed couple dance is so special. Everyone in the room is lost in the moment, their full attention on them as they sway back and forth to the music, and the couple is lost in each other – dancing and holding each other for the first time as a married couple. Love fills the entire room and everything in this moment feels absolutely perfect. This is just one of the many reasons why first dances have become a favorite wedding tradition. 

Therefore, it is only fitting that a new trend is sweeping couples off their feet: a private last dance. Here are the reasons we are falling in love with this magical moment.


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The difference between first & last

The start of your reception is often signaled by the first dance. For the first time as newlyweds, you and your spouse go into a room filled with all of the people who mean the most to you. And as everyone stands by in awe, taking photographs and sharing in your newfound excitement, the two of you dance together. It is a time to enjoy and share with everyone.

A private last dance, however, has a considerably more personal feel to it. Weddings frequently involve spending the day with your closest friends and family getting ready, exchanging vows in front of them, and then dancing the night away on a busy dance floor. You and your spouse are caught up in the excitement and whirlwind of your wedding and at times it feels like you are being pulled in a million different directions. Each of your guests wants a special moment with you to celebrate and share in your love. But as the day comes to a close, a private final dance is the perfect way to bring you and your spouse back together. It allows you both to focus all of your attention on each other, your love, and your forever beginning together.


How It Works

So when does this magical moment happen? As your reception comes to a close, the DJ will thank everyone for attending the wedding and instruct your guests to go outside to prepare and line up for your spectacular exit or “send off”. The only ones left in the room will be you two, your DJ, and your photographer and videographer. Note: Typically even your DJ will sneak out once your song is playing to create the atmosphere where you two are the only ones in the room. 

This allows the perfect time for you and your spouse to share a romantic last dance, just the two of you in this breathtaking venue – alone. After months and weeks of planning to bring your wedding vision to life, you have a few minutes to soak in all the magic together. This last dance is special way to wrap up your wedding day, and also a memorable way to mark the beginning of your life together.  

Reliving the moment over & over again

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Your last dance is a great opportunity for bonus couple portraits! You may also want to grab some nighttime pictures of your empty venue. Unlike your first dance, there won’t be anybody else in the pictures, giving your photographer considerably more room to work with. Additionally, you are not required to perform your last dance in the same location as your first. Pick the area of your venue that you love the best!


Similar to your first dance, a private last dance looks incredible on video. especially since it will be the only time the two of you may be seen dancing alone on camera in your dream venue. You and your spouse will cherish this memory forever, and love being able to witness this intimate moment from an outside perspective together for decades to come. 

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can't find the perfect song?

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Need help picking the best song for your last dance? Many of our couples choose their second favorite song (usually the runner-up song for their first dance) music for this romantic last dance! 

Need some extra inspiration?

Click here to view a list of song suggestions that will have you two swaying! 

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