Find The Top Wedding Videography Package That’s Right For You

Find The Top Wedding Videography Package That’s Right For You

When on the hunt for a wedding videography package these are the must know facts!

Find The Top Wedding Videography Package That’s Right For You

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    Wedding Memory Perfection

    You want your wedding to be a celebration that you can cherish for a lifetime. Our mission at TLIC Media is for you to love the way you remember your wedding day. From years of experience and feedback from 80+ brides and grooms we developed the perfect wedding videography package.

    Cover All Angles!

    You may have heard that the wedding day passes by like a flash. Although you want to believe that this isn’t true you might have to find a time machine to make sure it goes by slow. But since we don’t have access to that technology, having an amazing wedding videography team will do the trick!

    Think about the feelings you will have on your wedding day. Will you be nervous? Excited? Emotional? Now, imagine those feelings captured in time with the ability to relive them for generations.

    Our approach is simple. Help make the wedding the best day ever and find creative ways to make it last forever.

    In the Now!

    We are able to do this because of our stellar team of wedding videographers. The dedication of every team member to put you first is what makes our films so special.  Being with you the whole day is our pleasure which is why we do not charge per hour.  With a creative eye, we capture the personal times of getting ready and the ceremony all the way to the energizing times of the reception and send off.

    During your wedding, you will never feel awkward or crowded by us or our gear. We use top quality 4k cameras, drones, audio recorders, and lights that are all non-invasive. The cameras and lenses we use allow us to get personal shots without being in your personal space ALL UP IN YOUR BUBBLE. You can see how we organize our gear to keep it out of your way in this article.

    What Now?

    After we all have a blast at your wedding, we take the footage back and give it to our expert editors. Dedicated to their craft, they weave together the angles and audio and create two beautiful films for you to watch your wedding.

    You will love the highlight film. It is an emotion-packed, fun, and entertaining way to remember your wedding. It is so easy to share with guests and is a hit among family and friends.

    Our favorite film to make is the full feature film. You will love this film because of how it invites you to remember the entire wedding. It is very sentimental. This film is great for the romantic Valentine’s night, remembering vows, or sharing with family that couldn’t be there.


    By the time you get back from your honeymoon, you will find a package with your wedding’s unedited footage. It then may surprise you to find an email within the month with the edited draft of your films!  Now you can create new memories together as you watch moments you missed on your wedding day.

    Once you stop crying, you can send us anything you want to add or take away from your wedding films. We will make any adjustments and post your films for you to share. A week or so later you will get a one of a kind video book. This video book is so cool! Check out the article we wrote about it.

    Look below for an easy to understand description of what the TLIC Dream Package includes. To talk with us more about your wedding email [email protected] or call us (240) 529-4033.


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